With more than 400 million people speaking Spanish worldwide and the Hispanic culture’s growing influence worldwide, Mason gives you an opportunity to better understand the Spanish language and cultures.

The department’s courses and programs connect you with an internationally-renowned faculty that will guide your exploration of the language through reading and writing with an emphasis on the culture of the Hispanic world of 20 Spanish-speaking countries, including the United States.

In the undergraduate degrees offered by the Spanish Program, you will learn about the history, politics, literature, culture, geography, and economics of Spanish-speaking countries and have the opportunity to study abroad in Ecuador and Spain.

At the graduate level, the MA program offers three different Spanish concentrations, as well as an online graduate certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education. All of our programs provide interdisciplinary perspectives on the Spanish-speaking world (including the US) and allow you to take courses with top scholars in the fields of applied linguistics, film studies, heritage language education, language teaching, Latinx Studies, sociolinguistics, and Spanish-language literary and cultural studies.

Department Information

Spanish is offered by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

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Basic Spanish Program

Spanish courses at the 100-200 levels.