Placement Test

Who should take the placement test?  

The purpose of this placement questionnaire and test is to assess your experiences and knowledge of Spanish to determine in which Spanish class you should enroll at George Mason University.

If you have grown up hearing or speaking Spanish at home or with family members, attended elementary or secondary school primarily in Spanish, and/or lived for a year or longer in a Spanish-speaking country prior to enrolling in Mason, you are considered a native or heritage speaker or learner, and you do not need to take the placement test. 
If you are a native or heritage speaker or learner, the Spanish program offers several intermediate and advanced courses tailored to your background and experiences with Spanish. Please visit our Heritage Students site for more information about these classes  

What should I expect for this test? 

The goal of this test is to match your Spanish knowledge with our current class offerings. There is no need to study or review prior to taking the test.

Once you begin the test, we will start by asking you a few background questions to determine if you need to take the full placement test. While taking the test, you will be able to go back and review your answers if you choose. You will only be allowed to take the test once.  

Before beginning, please make sure you are in a distraction-free environment. No outside resources should be used during the placement test, such as translators or other aids. There is no time limit on the placement test. Depending on your experience with Spanish, you can expect to spend between 5-40 minutes to complete the test. 

Upon completion of the placement test, you will see a determination of in which Spanish class you should enroll. You will receive an automated email with your results, and the Spanish section in the Modern & Classical Languages department will also retain a copy of your results.  

After taking this placement test, if you would like to discuss your placement further or have other questions, please contact the Modern & Classical Languages Department (  
When you are ready, please click on the link below to begin: 

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