Basic Spanish Program

The Basic Spanish Program consists of the elementary (SPAN 110, SPAN 101 and SPAN 102, SPAN 115) and intermediate (SPAN 201 and 212) Spanish courses which focus on the development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students also gain knowledge of the cultures of the Spanish speaking world.

The department offers in-person, virtual synchronous, and asynchronous classes at the elementary and intermediate levels.

The department follows the same guidelines and syllabi for all courses. In terms of placement, here is a list of the most relevant information for our students.

If you …

Then …

Have never studied Spanish or have had less than 2 years of Spanish in high school

Take SPAN110, SPAN101, or SPAN115

Have taken 2 years or more of Spanish in high school

Take the placement test

Already know Spanish because you speak it at home or with family or because you have lived in a Spanish-speaking country

Take SPAN215, SPAN212, or take the waiver test


For information about the Basic Spanish Program or the Spanish placement and waiver tests, contact Dr. Carrie Bonilla.  


Syllabi and Schedules

The course syllabi for all elementary and intermediate Spanish courses (101, 102, 110, 115, 201, and 212) are updated by the Basic Spanish Program Coordinator, Dr. Carrie Bonilla.

These syllabi include also the daily schedules. In order to promote students’ preparation before class, as well as to facilitate planning and management for the instructors, these schedules state specific textbook, workbook, and activities for each class meeting. In addition, the daily schedules contain general guidelines of the pages to be covered in class. Exams are given on the specified date (and cover the specified material).


Students are welcome to attend the Spanish Tertulia. The Tertulia is offered via Zoom on a set schedule. The Tertulia offers a chance to practice oral skills in Spanish, talk to native speakers, discuss common doubts and ask questions, and make-up conversations for elementary and intermediate classes. Contact your current Spanish instructor or the Basic Spanish Program Coordinator, Dr. Carrie Bonilla, for the updated schedule.

Modern & Classical Languages also maintains a list of available tutors for Spanish. Payment for this service is requested of students. Tutors are not paid by GMU.

Ana Manuel


Nancy Ortega


Frida Valero

Julie Mitchell

Virginia Oman



The Director of the Basic Spanish Program is Dr. Carrie Bonilla. Students should address questions about SPAN 101, 102, 110, 115, 201, or 212 to her. She can also provide advice about course placement.

For questions related to majoring or minoring in Spanish, students are invited to consult with Xi Chen, the Undergraduate Academic Advisor. Students can make an appointment with her by calling the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at 703-993-1220.

Any other questions need to be addressed to the Spanish Program Coordinator, who is elected each academic year among the tenure-track faculty and listed on the MCL website here.