• Melanie Baca-ortiz

    Melanie Baca-ortiz

    Graduate Student

    Spanish/Bilingual-Multicultural Education concentration in the MA in Foreign Languages

  • Rei Berroa

    Rei Berroa


    Poetry through the Ages, Spanish and Latin American Literary and Cultural Criticism, Relationship among the Arts, The Creative Process.

  • Carrie Bonilla

    Carrie Bonilla

    Assistant Professor

    Second language acquisition, individual differences, explicit and implicit instruction, third language acquisition, community-based learning

  • Carla F Burns

    Carla F Burns

    Assistant Professor





  • Emily Ashe Hogge

    Emily Ashe Hogge

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Spanish in the United States, language ideologies, language and identity, TWI Bilingual Education model, Spanish as a heritage language



  • Jennifer Leeman

    Jennifer Leeman

    Director of the Graduate Certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education


    Applied Linguistics and Sociolinguistics; Spanish in the US; heritage language education; ethnicity, race, and language in censuses; language and racialization

  • Elizabeth Legere

    Elizabeth Legere

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Rudy Lorenzo Aviles

    Rudy Lorenzo Aviles

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Lisa M. Rabin

    Lisa M. Rabin

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Film history, film reception, "useful" film, Latin American film and other forms of mass media, Latin American literature, service-learning.

  • Olivia Rabinowitch

    Olivia Rabinowitch

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Esperanza Roman-Mendoza

    Esperanza Roman-Mendoza


    E-learning, Distance Education, Applied Linguistics, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Globalization, Learning Analytics

  • Lesly Rubi Fuentes

    Lesly Rubi Fuentes

    Graduate Student


  • Carolina E. Santiago Cintrón

    Carolina E. Santiago Cintrón

    Graduate Student

    Spanish, French, Literature, Linguistics

  • Emily Kathryn Scheinberg

    Emily Kathryn Scheinberg

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Ellen Johnson Serafini

    Ellen Johnson Serafini

    Spanish Graduate Advisor

    Associate Professor

    Instructed Second Language Learning; Learner Individual Differences; Task-based Language Teaching; Critical Language Pedagogy; Heritage Language Education; Bilingual Education.

  • Jacqueline Serigos

    Jacqueline Serigos

    Assistant Professor

    language contact, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics

  • Magali Spiker

    Magali Spiker

    Graduate Student

  • Colleen A Sweet

    Colleen A Sweet

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

    Associate Professor

    Language teaching and methodology, Latin American Colonial Literature, Critical approaches to literary analysis.


  • Frida J Valero

    Frida J Valero

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Alexia D Vikis

    Alexia D Vikis

    Basic Language Coordinator

    Assistant Professor

  • Ricardo F Vivancos-Pérez

    Ricardo F Vivancos-Pérez

    Associate Professor

    Latina/o/x Studies, Chicana/o/x Studies, Latin American Studies, Iberian Studies, Transatlantic Studies, Migration Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies, LGTBQIA+ Studies, Comparative Literary Studies, Panhispanic Cultural Studies, Translation Studies, Editing & Publishing