Professor Román-Mendoza, Visiting Scholar at Universidad de Salamanca

Successful Research Stay at the Cátedra de Altos Estudios del Español

Professor Román-Mendoza, Visiting Scholar at Universidad de Salamanca
Professor Román-Mendoza with the Universidad de Salamanca's Rector, Daniel Hernández

During the months of October and November, Professor Roman-Mendoza was a Visiting Scholar at the prestigious University of Salamanca (USAL) in Spain. During her research stay at the Cátedra de Altos Estudios del Español, she delivered two plenary talks titled, “Technology and Best Practices in the field of Spanish as a Second Language and “Open-Access Publishing: Challenges and Opportunities,” as well as one workshop on The Digital Identity of Spanish Language Teachers. She conducted a 7-week graduate seminar called “E-learning and Second Language Teaching,” and presented “Engaging Students in Curriculum Development: The Case of an Undergraduate Course in Digital Humanities” at TEEM´16 and “Emerging Trends in E-learning in the U.S.” in Expocampus 2016. She also participated as an expert in Instructional Technologies in several joint research projects. Her stay at USAL has given Professor Román-Mendoza the opportunity to advance her work on her upcoming book on e-learning and language learning while tightening research and academic ties between GMU and USAL. 

Photo caption from left to right: Javier Francisco San José Lera (USAL), Fernando José Rodríguez de la Flor Adánez (USAL), Elisabeth Kruse (Postdoctoral Fellow, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Giuliana Calabrese (Postdoctoral Fellow, Università degli Studi di Milano), Valeria Possi (Postdoctoral Fellow, Università di Bologna), Javier Patiño Loira (Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton University), Monika Dabrowska (Postdoctoral Fellow, Uniwersytet Warszawski), Jean Canavaggio (Visiting Scholar, Université de Paris X-Nanterre), Daniel Hernández Ruipérez (USAL, Rector), Esperanza Román Mendoza (Visiting Scholar, George Mason University), Julio Borrego Nieto (USAL), Emilio Prieto de los Mozos (USAL), Carmen Fernández Juncal (USAL), José Antonio Bartol (USAL) and Carla Amorós Negre (USAL).

Photo Credit: Willy.