MCL Graduate Student Funding

MA students in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages are eligible to apply for the following Graduate Assistantships. All of these assistantships provide a stipend and cover six credits of graduate tuition per semester.
  • Graduate Assistantship in Spanish tutoring (GTA) (open to all MA students)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) (only students who have completed 18 graduate credits may apply)
  • Graduate Program Assistantship (GPA) in Latinx Advocacy & Outreach (open to all MA students)
  • Tuition discount available for Virginia educators who currently teach at a public or private school in the state of Virginia! The discount can be applied to 2 graduate courses, or 6 credits, per semester, and up to 18 credits total. 
Current and prospective students interested in funding opportunities should contact Dr. Ellen Serafini, Director of Graduate Studies, at or