Spanish Concentration

Graduates of our Spanish program are well prepared to work in a wide range of careers. They work in these fields, among many others.

  • business and education
  • health professions and social services
  • international organizations
  • law and law enforcement
Kevin Omans

Kevin Omans

BA in Global Affairs (Asia Concentration) and Foreign Languages (Korean and Spanish)

CHSS's 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Student, Kevin is fluent in Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and English. He received the Dean's Challenge Scholarship in 2020, is cited by the Korean Studies faculty as the most outstanding student in the program, and is studying abroad in Korea to attain Advanced High Proficiency in the language.

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Ninamarie Avedissian

Ninamarie Avedissian, 2022

BA in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish

As an accomplished student in the foreign languages program, Ninamarie developed an intensive research project and campaign against social media misinformation that traditionally targets Spanish-speaking Latinx communities in the United Sates.

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