Graduate Certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education

An innovative online program emphasizing social justice and critical approaches to teaching Spanish

Mónica Camazón-Mediavilla

Mónica Camazón-Mediavilla

What attracted you to this program at GMU?

I completed my MA in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish in 2010 from GMU.  Those years at GMU were very productive and stimulating as a student, but they had a great impact on me as a teacher as well. My teachers were inspiring and opened my mind in many ways, changing my perspectives on how I learned previously and how I should approach teaching. I can say I really enjoyed being in class.

Now I am back to complete the Graduate Certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education with one goal, trying to better myself intellectually, but also improving the experience that my own students get in my class. I want to make them feel proud of their heritage.

Any advice for future applicants or students?

Prospective and current students should see the Certicate in Spanish Heritage Language Education and Spanish MA's not only as a resume builder, but an intellectual exercise that can improve your skills in your career and also change your vision of society.