Spanish Concentration

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Frida Valero, 2023

Frida Valero

What attracted you to this program and the concentration in Spanish?

As a double undergraduate major in Spanish and Korean at George Mason, I was inspired by the rich content and multi-disciplinary perspectives on Latin American and Korean culture in my advanced courses to pursue the MA in Spanish. Because I am interested in global political and social systems, I wanted to pair it with a Global Affairs MA, and was very glad to be able to complete a dual degree through the arrangement between Global Affairs and the Department of Modern & Classical Languages. 

What are things you especially liked about the program?

I love that the dual degree program allowed 12 credits to be shared in order to complete both master's degrees earlier than normal. And I also enjoyed seeing intersections between the disciplines of Spanish and Global Affairs. For example, in Spring 2021 semester I was able to study the role of media in forging cultural nationalism in both my World History course with Dr. Peter Stearns and my Latin American media course with Dr. Lisa Rabin. The cross-fertilization in my Dual MA program and courses has also encouraged my comparative study of Korean and Latin American globalized media, including musical hybrids of K-Pop and "Latin" pop! 

Any advice for future applicants or students?

Be sure to check out University Career Services! They can introduce you to a wide landscape of workplaces who are willing to consider you as a future employee. The Handshake platform allows students to easily access, create a profile and apply for jobs and other professional opportunities.