Spanish and French Concentration

Multilingual, interdisciplinary MA combines coursework in French and Spanish

Catalog Year: 2022-2023

Banner Code: LA-MA-FRLN-SF

The Master of Arts in Foreign Languages aims to enhance the linguistic and cultural proficiency of students through courses in sociolinguistics and second language acquisition, film studies, cultural studies and literary studies. Students may select from four concentrations: French, Spanish, French and Spanish, and Spanish/bilingual-multicultural education. Located only miles from Washington, D.C., students take advantage of the program’s existing relationships with schools, embassies, federal agencies, and international businesses—providing opportunity for internships and other educational experiences outside the classroom. 

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Degree Requirements

Total credits: 42

In this concentration, 6 of the total credits may be earned with a thesis. Students must meet the core and distribution requirements given below and pass a comprehensive exam or write a thesis.

Concentration in Spanish and French (SF)

Select six required courses (not electives) specified under the concentration in French. 18
Latino, Latin American, or Spanish cultures, literatures, or linguistics  
Take the two required core courses specified under the concentration in Spanish, plus four electives with the SPAN subject code. 18
Select two electives with the FREN, FRLN, and SPAN subject codes. 1 6
Directed Reading and Thesis Research  
Directed Reading and Research  
Total Credits 42

Foreign Languages, MA and Global Affairs, MA Dual Degree

Students interested in pursuing a dual master's program linking foreign languages or global affairs with another discipline should discuss their interest with the graduate program directors of both programs and review the university policies regarding Individualized Dual Master's Degree Programs.

Students approved to pursue a dual master's program linking the foreign languages MA with a concentration in French, Spanish, or Spanish bilingual/multicultural education with the global affairs MA can share 12 credits between the two programs. Application to the second master's program should be pursued with consultation of the directors of both programs. Admission to the second master's program will require that the student has met the minimum prerequisites for admissions to the second program.