Spanish Concentration

Alfredo Cervantes

Alfredo Cervantes
Alfredo Cervantes (he/they) is an undergraduate Bachelor/Accelerated Master’s degree students pursuing a Master's in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish Bilingual/Multicultural Education. Alfredo also currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Hispanic Culture Review at George Mason.
Born in the state of Virginia and raised in a remote area in Michoacán, Mexico by hard working parents, Alfredo is a first-generation college student who has managed to excel and break through several obstacles in order to seek opportunities to fulfill his goal of becoming an educator. Throughout his college journey, Alfredo's interest in the academic study of Spanish sparked which has led him to concentrate in Spanish bilingual multicultural education in order to teach secondary education.
Alfredo aspires to become an educator to create a more representative and inclusive academic environment with the goal of motivating students to achieve their higher education goals while generating student interest in the Spanish language.
In his own words, “Mi esfuerzo y sacrificio se lo dedico a mis padres y a mi tío quienes me han brindado el apoyo para poder sobresalir en la vida. Siempre ocuparán parte de mí sin importar la distancia ni las fronteras”.