Spanish/Bilingual-Multicultural Education Concentration

Combines courses in the Spanish program with select courses in the College of Education and Human Development

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson, 2022

Graduate of the Accelerated MA program wins Fulbright to teach in Mexico

Sarah loves that her degree allowed her to pursue an interdisciplinary focus on the subjects that interest her most, and she credits the program with promoting her personal and professional growth. She plans to use her skills while teaching in Mexico through the Fulbright program.

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Elsie M. Hendricks

Elsie M. Hendricks, 2021

Polyglot begins community-based work in Pittsburgh

Elsie, a self-proclaimed polyglot, earned undergraduate degrees in languages and music and a dual Master’s degree in French and Spanish from George Mason. After taking courses in linguistics, pedagogy, comparative literature, and film at Mason, Elsie deepened her interest in exploring aspects of language ideologies and equity in multilingual and multicultural literature and education. She now works for the Latino Community Center in Pittsburgh, PA and enjoys exploring natural history museums, reading murder mysteries and fantasy novels, and drinking an enormous amount of tea in her free time.

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Emily Kathryn Scheinberg

Emily Kathryn Scheinberg, 2021

Investigating the linguistic representation of gender in Spanish

Emily Scheinberg began the MA in Foreign Languages (Spanish) with interdisciplinary academic interests. She credits the program with expanding her horizons even further while also deepening her interest in linguistics.

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Calyn Painter

Calyn Painter, 2020

Local high school Spanish teacher creates inclusive learning spaces for all students

Calyn has a passion for language and culture that she enjoys sharing with her students. She loves the energy of the classroom and to hear the contribution of all student voices.

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Gloria Giraldo

Gloria Giraldo, 2019

A passion for both learning and teaching

Gloria Giraldo has taught English and Spanish to adults and children in a wide range of contexts. She is intellectually curious and interested in learning new things, a passion she shares with her students.

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Melissa Duluc

Melissa Duluc, 2018

Fairfax County Public Schools Outstanding Secondary New Teacher of 2021

Melissa Duluc’s teaching emphasizes diversity, inclusion and social justice, an approach she studied at Mason while also deepening her expertise in linguistics, literature and cultural studies.

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Rahma Maccarone

Rahma Maccarone, 2017

Somali-Italian educator, researcher, and Ph.D. Candidate in Cultural Studies at Georgetown University discovered a passion for teaching as an M.A. student at George Mason

Rahma Maccarone completed earned a BA and an MA (Spanish and Bilingual/Multicultural Education) at George Mason University. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Georgetown University, where she was awarded a Patrick Healy Graduate Fellowship.

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Warsan Noor

Warsan Noor, 2014

Well-versed in language, culture, and education

Warsan Noor credits the variety of classes she took while earning her degree with making her a confident and effective teacher.

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